Introduction Arcgis Story Maps

    Agum Junianteo

    Story Map is one form of data visualization that combines maps with narrative text, image, video, and other multimedia content. We can make our story maps in any kinds of form such as map tour, map journal, cascade, map series, shortlist, swipe/spyglass, and basic. The difference is in the form of its presentation. Cascade story maps, for example, have a look like a blog. We can make the maps that we used by using ArcGIS online in site. This is the interface:

    Basemap tool is to choose the look of the map that we make like streets, dark gray map, and so on. Measure tool is to measure area, a distance of to points, and location (latitude and longitude). One of the functions of the +Add tool is to add map notes that have templates like disasters or oil and gas infrastructure. When we insert a map note, we can add description and image URL.

    I’ve tried to make a map about the earthquake in Indonesia that happen in January 2019. The source of data is from the BMKG site. In the map, I use a dark gray base map and add three map notes that show the source position of the earthquake. I insert information about the date, time, magnitude, and location of the earthquake. The map notes can be seen from the wave blue icon and we can know the details by clicking the icon. This is the look of the map:

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