Data is fundamental to any decision making process, Manufacturing for example, are based on data driven decision in order to achieve much better output, deindustrialization has been widely spread through media, as it is cheaper to import goods rather as opposed to built one.

    TDI promotes best practices and advances in management science, and analytics to improve operational processes, decision – making and outcomes through an array of highly – cited publications, conferences, competitions, networking communities and professional development services.

    Gamification is at the core of TDI, we make analytics in 4 simple steps Collaboration, Contribute, Competence, and Collect.

    Our team

    The Analyst
    Responsible for describing past events and preventing future events.
    The Architect
    Expert in Data Modelling, Database Management, Cloud Computing, Big Data Architecture
    The Artist
    Build data storytelling through creative writing and beautiful visualization

    Our history

    • 2018
    • December 2018
      First Public Event
    • January 2019
      Growing Members
    • Febuary 2019
      First Course
    • 2020
      Global Scale
    • Future
      New possibilities

    2018 Founded

    Kotak Data and TDI start gathering The A Team and producing the magic

    December 2018 First Public Event

    First collaboration event with Facebook Community introducing Industry 4.0 and how data shape our future in manufacturing

    January 2019 Growing Members

    TDI grows more than 15 community members and start promoting The A Team

    Febuary 2019 First Course

    First course going to start at Bandung

    2020 Global Scale

    TDI global member going to have first traction in Singapore

    Future New possibilities

    We know that world is changing, we always learning for new technology and possibilities

    Our people

    Arion Wijayanto


    Data is the new oil. It’s valuable, but if unrefined it cannot really be used. Data nee…

    Afief Helmi B

    Business Analyst

    The speed of implementation will become a competitive advantage in itself. Advice shows…

    Fariza Dian

    Sr. Data Scientist

    At KotakDATA we pride ourselves on understanding our client's and candidate’s needs. We…


    Data Scientist Community

    It never gets boring. We’re all exposed to co-workers from diverse educational, functio…

    Why choose us?

    Global Partnership
    We build strong partnership with business and government unlocking jewel in the crown
    Our people and years of history define us in making an insightful recommendations and solving complex problem
    Data is the new oil, its a new commodity spawns as an lucrative, fast-growing industry, prompting antitrust regulators to step in to restrain those who control its flow
    It's time to act data.
    Arion Wijayanto
    Founder of TDI
    One value of data scientist is craft the data to make actionable list that answer business problem.
    Fariza Dian
    SRIN Data Engineer
    I was extremely pleased with the consultant provided by TDI. Arion brought the optimal mix of knowledge, data knowledge and real world experience
    Helmi Abdullah
    COO at Tritech Consult

    Our license

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