The beginning stage of working on a product is the most crucial one. This is the time when all of the big product requirements are agreed upon and a particular strategy is chosen. This is also when an initial idea develops into a working prototype.

    The main goal is not to just make this prototype to satisfy the subjective feelings of the various stakeholders, but to make it work. A product prototype should be created for the user, taking the particular industry’s situation into account, carefully thinking over how the product fits into that situation, and creating it with understanding of and responsibility to the product’s users.

    In order to develop a really good concept, you shouldn’t rush into creating a beautiful layout and discussing colour palettes and forms – there will be plenty of time for this later on. Good design is first and foremost a focus on how the product should work. This is the stage at which many questions will arise. Doing proper design research will help answer those questions.

    We will attentively analyze all these issues and help you select the most appropriate methods and suppliers to help reduce production costs.

    It's time to act data.
    Arion Wijayanto
    Founder of TDI
    One value of data scientist is craft the data to make actionable list that answer business problem.
    Fariza Dian
    SRIN Data Engineer
    I was extremely pleased with the consultant provided by TDI. Arion brought the optimal mix of knowledge, data knowledge and real world experience
    Helmi Abdullah
    COO at Tritech Consult

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