By applying advanced analytics to address challenges across all areas of operations, we help our clients gain a significant, sustained improvement in performance.

    The face of operations is changing rapidly, driven by global trends, shifting industry ecosystems, and groundbreaking digital technologies. This ever-evolving landscape presents new challenges and opportunities for operations to move beyond the role of cost-effective business enabler and become a source of competitive advantage.  Operations executives are being asked to change cost structures and increase productivity, and they must make those changes faster, safer, and in a more automated fashion to keep pace with competitors.

    By combining profound, cross-functional Operations knowledge with the latest technologies, analytics, and leading edge alliance partners; we help our clients to achieve their goals and make transformative change a reality.

    Supply-chain management

    In today’s volatile and increasingly digital global business environment, companies need less of a supply chain and more of a supply network—able to move quickly and flexibly and capitalize on new innovations and respond to digital disruption. Most existing supply chain strategies were built on the assumption of stability, and designed to plan, produce and deliver on a just-in-time basis to assure lean operations and inventory. New technologies, such as social, mobile, analytics and cloud (SMAC), can disrupt supply chain operations—but they can also create opportunities to seize new market share, reduce costs, and gain greater supply chain control. While some organizations are trying to fend off disruption, others are finding ways to disrupt the status quo and seize competitive advantage.

    Committed to helping clients achieve high performance through supply chain mastery, we combine global industry experience and skills in supply chain strategy to help organizations transform their supply chain capabilities. We collaborate with clients to implement innovative solutions that align operating models to support business strategies, optimize global operations, and enhance the skills and capabilities of the supply chain workforce. We are firmly grounded both in business strategy and technology strategy, giving us a keen eye for using technology not just to enable the business strategy, but to help shape and drive it.


    The Manufacturing industry is an exciting space with sector-specific opportunities and challenges. Almost every player in this industry confronts today’s business realities–shifting demand, regulatory pressures and intense global competition for customers, materials and talent. The environment is tough, but it is also rich with possibilities. New technologies enable product and process innovations, while new markets invite a return to growth. The successful manufacturing enterprise of tomorrow likely will have a clear strategic plan, a differentiated customer experience, an innovative set of offerings, an efficient supply chain, streamlined operations, world-class talent, and a robust technology foundation.

    Product Development

    Most often, we work directly on specific products, road maps, and portfolios, creating top-line value and institutionalizing capabilities to sustain best practices around a set of core concepts. Our services fit within two categories: product excellence, which includes services that help our clients to substantially improve their current and future product revenues and profitability, and development excellence, in which we help clients step up their development organization, capabilities, and processes to world class.